Jeff Jarrett Recalls Bret Hart Realizing WCW Wasn’t What He Expected

During this week’s “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” Jeff Jarrett discussed Bret Hart. Jarrett recalled a chat he had with Bret Hart when Hart first arrived at WCW:

“I remember telling him that when I left WWF the first time in ’95 or ’96, my contract expired and I came down. The business was red hot. The NWO was taking off. Nitro was kicking ass. It was just really cranking up,” Jarrett said.

“During ‘96 and ‘97, I immediately knew you’re not working for Vince McMahon. You’re not working for any one boss. You’re in a corporate environment. There’s things candidly where the right hand doesn’t talk to the left hand. There is no Vince McMahon. There is no Pat Patterson. There is no machine. The marketing is different. PR is different. It was a corporate environment,” he continued.

“I had that brief, but it was kind of a detailed conversation. I don’t want to say Bret was checked out. I think the realization that this isn’t the WWE by any stretch of the imagination, and the lack of attention to detail in so many ways was just so obvious. I’ll say we were not only just disappointed and the air was kind of out of the room. It’s just like, well, all we can really do is what we can do, but we can only take care of what we normally take care of. But that conversation was there. Bret is a professional and busted his ass and did what he could do, but we both knew that a corporate run wrestling industry is just very, very difficult.”

You can listen to the podcast below:

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