Jeff Jarrett Speaks Out On NWA’s Current Product, Their Subscription Model

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett spoke on his My World podcast about a wide range of topics.

During it, he was asked about his thoughts on the current NWA and if he agrees with their subscription model on FITE TV:

“I love anything, and I’m not saying this derogatorily, a niche. They have the studio setting. They have the lineage which I own. They have a style. You can look at Trevor (Murdoch), Nick Aldis, Latimer, and I don’t want to say bigger guys, but it’s not a Cruiserweight, it’s not an X-Division, it’s not that style of wrestling. It’s old school storytelling, so I’m a fan of any promotion that says I’m going to go create this niche and service this part of the wrestling audience. It’s not for everybody, but it’s a style of wrestling that if you like that style, it’s all about it. Now the subscription service, that is something that can be forever debated.

I think that you have to draw the fine line where you have to give your product away in order to make money, so what’s the balance? What’s behind the paywall and what’s in front of it? I’m not intricately involved with Billy Corgan and Nick to know the ins and outs of their numbers. The streaming service business model is certainly something that WWE is doing on a much grander scale. It is what it is. Game Changer Wrestling, they’re right at the very top. That’s what they do. They put their product whether it’s L.A, Chicago, Detroit, Atlantic City or New York. They put it on FIGHT for a very economical buy. It’s the way business is done these days.”