Jerry Lawler Not Worried About The Coronavirus

WWE RAW announcer Jerry Lawler appeared on the Cerrito Live podcast and discussed the Coronavirus outbreak. Here is what Lawler said courtesy of

“What are you gonna do if you get it? They say there’s no treatment for it, there’s no cure for it. What are you gonna do? I’m not gonna hole myself inside a room here and quarantine myself like an idiot for who knows how long… You go on and live your life and if you get sick then you go and get some kind of treatment. As they are saying now, the people that say they don’t recommend air travel they say they don’t have a treatment for this. Now more and more people are coming out and saying ‘well I got it but then I got over it.’”

“I know what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna fly and I’m gonna be at Raw on Monday night … You know why? Because I like to pick up my check every Monday for being at Raw every Monday night.”