Jey Uso Hints At Naomi Joining The Bloodline

Jey Uso commented on the possibility of Naomi joining The Bloodline, during an appearance on Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast:

“It’s very, very likely man. She talks about it a lot. She says she can jump and glow. She’s ready to just snap, like she could snap man. She snapped on my ass plenty of times. She’s so ready to try something new. She’s always been adaptive and she gets it. That’s why she’s been around. Sometimes I forget she’s been here for 10 years too.”

Jey also commented on advice that was given to him and Jimmy’s younger brother Solo Sikoa from NXT:

“Coming from a big family, it’s hard to make your own footprint in the sand. So we told him, ‘You got to find your way. We’ve been right through this fire before. You have to find what works for you.’ So he’s down there doing his thing. Every single day, he’s like, ‘Yo, did you watch my match? Is there anything you can tell me what to do?’ I was like, ‘First thing is don’t look like us because we look a lot alike.’ So he’s like, alright. He had long hair. He chopped his hair and dyed his hair. He went barefoot. He’s uncomfortable in the ring barefoot, but he’s just trying to do whatever he needs to stand out.”

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