Jim Cornette Criticizes Andrade El Idolo’s AEW Booking

Jim Cornette spoke on his Drive-Thru podcast about the way that Andrade El Idolo has been booked in AEW thus far.

El Idolo first started with Vickie Guerrero when he entered the company and went to work with Chavo Guerrero only for Andrade to turn on him.

“Who knows what the role even is? Are they babyfaces? Are they heels? Chavo came out and cut a babyface promo his first night. By the second night, he was a heel. He’s arguing, and he was supposed to serve as some type of english language spokesperson for this guy (Andrade El Idolo). But wait, but before that, it was Vickie Guerrero, or wait a minute. What other Guerrero was involved in this? Didn’t they give Andrade to Vickie. I’ll tell you what, Hector’s gonna do a good job of it. Hector has always been my favorite.”