Jim Cornette on AEW Making Chris Jericho ROH Champion: “Absolute Worst Thing You Can Do”

During the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette discussed a variety of topics, one of which was the decision to crown Chris Jericho as the ROH World Champion. 

At the Dynamite event held at Arthur Ashe Stadium, Claudio Castagnoli was defeated by Jericho, who went on to win the ROH Title. Cornette was not a supporter of the action being taken.

“Tony [Khan] bought a company because he was a mark for the f*cking initials and the video library. And that’s fine, now you got a video library, but he’s tried to keep the promotion alive on his television programme for another promotion. And all it’s done is clutter everything up with multiple championships where nobody can keep track of everything. And this match did more to tell the fans that liked Ring of Honor over the last 10 years, well, nothing you liked about the promotion is going to be involved in what we’re doing.”

“Because this is a standard WWF-style match, and I don’t want to ruin anything for anybody but guess who the new Ring of Honor World Champion is? F*cking hell. So poor Claudio gets signed, Claudio comes in and has all the goodwill from the fans, they love him, they want to see him get a chance. He was sh*t on in the other place.”

“Then they put the Ring of Honor world title on him. And the very next time we see him in any kind of f*cking legitimate television programme, maybe he’s been on f*cking YouTube defending the title. He gets beat by Chris Jericho, who if Chris Jericho had put Claudio Castagnoli over here, wouldn’t have hurt him one iota.”

“Chris Jericho would still have been the same person he always was over just as much. It would have helped Claudio and it would have helped establish the Ring of Honor title as being something somebody would want. But now Claudio is here’s his d*ck in his hand again. And the Ring of Honor fans obviously don’t want to see Chris Jericho defend the Ring of Honor title because that’s the whole idea is that you’re getting the modern matches with Ring of Honor and that ain’t what you get with Chris Jericho, just the modern falderal outside the ring.”

“So this was pretty much the absolute worst thing you could do, put a f*cking the Ring of Honor title on a guy that no fans of Ring of Honor would want to see have the matches for the world title, beat Claudio when he still had hope had a chance of getting over.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

(h/t to Inside The Ropes for transcription)