Jim Cornette Responds To Recent Comments From Matt Riddle

As PWMania.com previously reported, Matt Riddle did an interview with Vicente Beltran and addressed The Undertaker’s comments about WWE wrestlers being “soft” compared to the previous generation:

“So Undertaker says ‘soft’, but I don’t think we’re soft, we’re more intelligent. That’s why we don’t get hurt and that’s why we don’t put ourselves in stupid situations like bringing guns to work. So, Undertaker, nothing but respect.”

Jim Cornette addressed Riddle’s comments on Twitter and then provided more details during his podcast:

“Riddle made everyone else’s point trying to make his own. Is what he did. What he was saying ‘Bro we’re not soft, we’re smarter than they were back in those days, we aren’t bringing guns to work because they have like metal detectors now…’ You f*****g vapid twit. That’s not the point that he was trying to make…”

“I had just responded on Twitter that this guy is always doing something to run his f*****g yap. Remember he’s the one that is trying to shoot his own angles to work with Brock Lesnar where Brock had to get in his face and say ‘you and I will never work together.’ Flat out to him. He doesn’t understand how this business works. Cause apparently what we see on screen, is not that much of a gimmick, he has an understanding the depth of a snake’s belly in a wagon rut about what this business is or has been in the past. But I had mentioned just his overall disrespectful, to everybody.”

“Whether it’s knocking the guys in the past. ‘We’re smarter than they are, or athletes are better now or the business is better because of this or that’ or whether because he’s one of the performance entertainment guys, even if he’s got the UFC background, so he can pull the performance card if he wants to and still look like a badass. The point is I just said, I would have loved to have seen this yap, running in the locker rooms with anybody from Hodge to Doctor Death around to shove his head up his ass when that would have been tolerated.”

(quotes courtesy of ITRWrestling.com)