Jim Cornette Status With GFW, Davey Richards Reveals Why He Left GFW, WWE – GFW Media

– Coming off the news of Jeff Jarrett’s “leave of absence” from GFW, Jim Cornette revealed on his podcast that he is currently scheduled for the Bound For Glory PPV but not the post-PPV television tapings. Cornette was brought back as merely a television personality and not as part of the creative team.

– In an article on Forbes.com, Alfred Konuwa explained why WWE should avoid buying the GFW tape library:

“All Impact Wrestling really has to offer are tape libraries, which very well could be an overrated commodity in and of itself, especially when it comes to solving WWE’s looming problem of attracting subscribers beyond its currently low ceiling of hardcore fans,” Konuwa wrote. “As WWE goes through several cutbacks in order to rally its profits, all while trying to figure out how to make WWE Network more mainstream after it seems to have peaked at 1.6 million subscribers, spending money to acquire a damaged product with a minuscule audience would defeat the purpose of its mission statement in 2017.”

– Davey Richards recently did an interview with USA Today. Here are the highlights:

His decision to leave GFW/Impact Wrestling:

“I’ve done a pretty good of trying to juggle the very high demands of wrestling and school, but it’s gotten to the point where my school load would be so much that I couldn’t do both. The last little while, I couldn’t give 100 percent to wrestling or to medicine because I was being pulled in both directions. I didn’t think it was fair to anyone who pays to see me not to be able to give 100 percent. I can still wrestle a part-time schedule, but it’s not really right to expect TNA to pay me a salary with my hopefully being able to commit to a schedule. School needs to come first. That’s the point where I am.”

Schedule demands leading to him making a change:

“I’ve always been the kind of wrestler, nine times out of 10, I would take a booking, no matter how much the travel is because I like to wrestle,” Richards said. “I want to get out there, and I want to stay on the top of my game and compete against the best people. The more bookings I take, the more I have to travel. It got to be too much. We’d fly to Seattle to leave David with my mom and then fly to Florida to do tapings and then fly from Florida to Seattle to get David. Then fly back home to St. Louis. Add in my school schedule, and it just became impossible. This is definitely for the best for right now. Maybe when I’m done with school, that will change.”

Becoming an EMT:

“Emergency medicine has always been my main source of interest,” he said. “The adrenaline rush I get from that is in some ways the same that I get from walking through that curtain because you never know what’s going to happen in a match.”