Jim Ross Calls Out Wrestlers That Do Leg Slaps

During his recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on wrestlers doing knee/leg slaps during matches:

“Those knee slaps are killing me. I’m so glad that people are paying attention to the leg slappers.

Come on, that’s passe too. It’s like having these tope suicidas in every other match and no one ever wins with it. It’s just a spot. It’s the same category as a side headlock takeover. It’s a spot. It’s not new anymore. And for gosh sakes, fellows, ladies, whoever it may be. Stop the leg slapping, side slapping, ass slapping. Come on. It’s embarrassing to me. I know I’m old school and cranky sometimes, but geez. I don’t get it. I quit calling it. I don’t react well to the leg slapping enhanced audio.”