Jim Ross Comments On Wrestling Fans That Are ‘Bitching’ About AEW’s Growth

During his Grilling JR podcast, AEW commentator Jim Ross talked about the rise of AEW:

“Who the hell would’ve thought two years ago we’d be talking about it in these terms? All of a sudden, AEW has become very, very relevant. I believe that’s all due to Tony Khan opening up the checkbook and signing some of the best talent in the world. I don’t say that as a knock to [WWE]. All I’m saying is, two years ago, when AEW started its journey, I don’t think of any us, including me, thought it would grow to the level it has grown in this length of time. It’s pretty astonishing. So, the winners in all of this is the fans. But some fans just don’t have that mindset, and I think it’s a sad state of affairs. We battled for years and years to be acknowledged by the public – pro wrestling. Nobody wants to cover it. And now, everybody wants to cover it, and our own fanbase to some degree are bitching about it. I’m trying to figure out why, but I just don’t get it. ‘Well, it’s because we were loyal to WWE all those years.’ I don’t understand it. But in any event, I want to enjoy the ride.”

JR also commented on Vince McMahon being motivated by AEW:

“I think so. It motivates him. He doesn’t like to lose. I think the battle on Wednesday nights is indicative of that statement. That’s why they moved to Tuesday. He didn’t like getting his ass beat every Wednesday night, and I know we didn’t win every Wednesday night. I get that, folks. But we won most of them, and winning one is too many for him. He’s very competitive. He believes he owns the genre, and I get it. I understand it. I always respect and appreciate his competitiveness. But yeah, he works better when there’s a little pressure on him, and I think that’s been proven time and time again. He’s a different breed of cat when it comes to that stuff. Reading on Thursdays who got this audience and that show got that audience, I can promise you was an issue. It was definitely an issue, without question.”