Jim Ross Discusses The End of Matt Hardy’s WWE Run

During his recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed the final weeks of Matt Hardy’s WWE run:

“Why would you have someone on your payroll…and you’re paying them. And you’re traveling them, you’re putting them on television. If you want their character to die?” JR began. “That’s like when WWE was going to do the last few things with Matt Hardy. That was their intent [WWE], to bury Matt Hardy, right? But for their own mismanagement and lack of attention to detail and lack of common sense, they got Matt Hardy over more on his way out than they did while he was there.”

“He was doing promos, he was in hot angles. He’s with Randy Orton blah blah blah. So you’re not burying him, you’re getting him over dumbass. And so now Matt Hardy’s in AEW which is going to be great for us, I think.”