Jim Ross Explains What He Liked and Didn’t Like About AEW All Out

During his recent podcast, Jim Ross gave his thoughts on the AEW All Out PPV. Here are some highlights courtesy of Reddit user Holofan4life:

He thought All Out overall was excellent, but it had a few problems.

He said he didn’t like how close the pyro was to the announce table.

He thought the show went on too long.

He said the main event suffered from a burnt out crowd.

He said the ladder match was one of the best ladder matches of all time.

He said there should’ve been a buffer match between the ladder match and the main event.

He said the idea that the ladder match should’ve closed the show is a ridiculous suggestion. Basically, he shits all over [Dave] Meltzer’s argument that the main event should’ve been the ladder match.

He says he thought PAC Vs. Omega was good.

He says he was told by PAC himself how to pronounce his name. Talks about smark marks criticizing him for mispronouncing YET ANOTHER name. Says “I got this right from the horse’s mouth, not the horse’s ass.”

He says Cody and Shawn was so much fun.

He says some of the criticism of the commentary was unwarranted and a vocal minority. Says he isn’t going to change the way he does commentary because most people like it.