Jim Ross On If WWE Should Turn Dean Ambrose Heel, Velveteen Dream

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross spoke various topics during a recent edition of his podcast (via wrestlinginc.com). Here are the highlights.

Dean Ambrose:

“I thought Dean looked great. I like his shorter haircut. A guy kind of being follicly-challenged and they’re trying to mask it with longer hair that is unruly or will go here, there, and yonder to cover up a [bald] spot, it’s not real flattering to you. I thought his haircut was spot on. I thought the beard was spot on. Obviously, Ambrose has trained religiously to heal and to get bigger, better, and stronger. And really, my hat’s off to him for that. But I can tell you, he certainly carried himself like a villain. I felt he is going to be a villain, or a heel, or as Jim Cornette would say, ‘he’s a heel, Goddammit!’ To me, he looks like a heel. Now, the welcome back pop was what it was and deservedly so, but I just see him being able to be a big time player more as a heel than as a fan favorite in WWE right now. And we’ll see.” Ross added, “I still think he could be most valuable for WWE right now, seemingly how the roster is outlined, as a villain.”

Velveteen Dream:

“This kid is going to be phenomenal.” Ross acknowledged, “he’s getting there very quick. Mark my words, maybe two or three years, maybe a little longer, not much, top of the card at WrestleMania. Too much charisma, too much athleticism. He’s unique. He [has] reinvented himself. He’s not afraid to try bold things and most male wrestlers in the business find their comfort zone, their routine, their moves, it’s like having a set of songs at a concert. You’re not going to change the order. You won’t change nothing while it’s working type of deal. I like this kid.”