Jim Ross Reveals His Favorite Matches In AEW So Far

During his recent Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on his favorite AEW matches so far:

“I loved Dustin [Rhodes] and Cody [Rhodes]. [The best match of the year?] The tag with the Young Bucks and FTR I liked that a lot. I liked Brodie Lee and Cody in that dog collar match. There’s a couple of Moxley matches that I thought were really good, I’m a big fan of Jon Moxley. Overall, just looking back in total, the Rhodes brothers match might be my favorite match thus far that we’ve done in AEW.

Live crowd, the dramatic use of blood, the story behind it. It became very personal and emotional, it wasn’t a ‘rasslin’ storyline so to speak. It was based on reality. They turned it on and it got me [emotionally].”