Jim Ross Says Jade Cargill Still Has “A Lot Of Work To Do”

Jim Ross recently stated on his Grilling JR podcast that he believes AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill still has a lot of work left to do in her development.

Cargill played for the Jacksonville University basketball team before getting into wrestling and is undefeated thus far in her AEW career.

“I said, ‘you’ve got a lot of work to do’,” Jim Ross said he told Jade Cargill. “Talked to her about this yesterday and I said, ‘you know, in basketball, a sport you did really well in, you gotta learn things that go along with the game, for example, in basketball you gotta learn how to shoot free throws. In wrestling, there are certain things you gotta learn how to do that are critical in the maturation of a pro wrestler. Taking a flat-back bump, doing crisp strikes, not being stupid, that type thing’. She’s really smart and she wants to be really, really good.”

“Once your look is exposed for several weeks and what have you, it becomes not as special,” Ross continued. “So you gotta bring things with your game and that’s her charge right now. She’s gotta be able to do that, that’s not going to happen overnight, I don’t even know if it’ll happen in 2022. It’s got to be constant work to be good at what you do and that’s where we are with her.”