Jim Ross Says WWE NXT Probably Got Tired Of Getting Beat Every Week

During a recent edition of his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross commented on WWE NXT moving to Tuesday nights:

“I’m glad that there’s no more Wednesday Night Wars. That was just a cop out for the Monday Night Wars, it wasn’t nearly that extreme in my view. If you want to believe that and it helps motivate you as a fan and add more enjoyment to your game plan then have at it.”

JR also talked more about the move in an interview with Jimmy Varsallone:

“I always think our product, in general, was more fan-friendly. We can’t take our eye off the commodity of fan support. You can’t live without it. Anything that makes it more fan-friendly is a good thing. WWE moving off Wednesday makes it easier on the fans. It was a win-win for everyone involved. It was obvious, WWE goes on Wednesdays, head-to-head with us, in hopes it would hurt our growth. It didn’t happen. They probably got tired of getting their a** beat every week. They have a lot of stroke with USA, so they made a move. It helped them and they have more viewers, we have more viewers, and fans don’t have to make a decision. If it’s fan-friendly, it’s a good move. We have to protect our greatest assets (the fans).”