Jim Ross Speaks Out About What Wrestling Needs Again

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler recently did an interview with Inside The Ropes and here are the highlights of JR’s portion…

On his return to the broadcast table: “I didn’t want to leave the game to start with. I wasn’t sitting on the sideline last year of my own volition. I didn’t unbook myself and say ‘I don’t wanna work, just send me a check and every week and I’ll be happy’. I had business to conduct and I can still do this job.”

On what he wishes would be brought back to wrestling: “Fundamental soundness for one thing. That would include selling, logically putting matches together, don’t do anything you can’t do well. Just logic. Logic, and I don’t see enough of that. The pace of matches sometimes is a little faster than most can accurately invest in, or process that fast. Hopefully it’ll be sound wrestling [in AEW], I think it will be.”