Jim Ross Taking Time Off From AEW Television Due To Skin Cancer Treatment

As previously noted, Jim Ross revealed that he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

JR provided an update on Thursday night and noted that he will be taking time off from AEW announcing duties due to treatment:

“Due to my skin cancer care totaling 22 radiation treatments starting Monday, I will hopefully return to the announce desk on December 29 in Jacksonville.

@TonyKhan supports me on this strategy which has been a blessing.

My thanks for all your support. 🙏🤠”

AEW President Tony Khan commented on the matter:

“JR, everyone here at @AEW wishes you the best. I think it’s a great gameplan you’ve got, we look forward to your return to commentary, hopefully in your new hometown Jacksonville FL @dailysplace at New Year’s Smash at the end of December! We want you to kick the cancer’s ass, JR!”

JR also posted a photo from his recent back surgery: