Jim Ross Talks WWE vs. WCW Competition, Roddy Piper’s Reputation About Doing Jobs

Jim Ross recently spoke on his Grilling JR podcast about Halloween Havoc in 1997. Here are some of the highlights:

Not being a fan of WWF and WCW talking about their competition on TV:

“When I would do something like that, I would regret it every time. I just thought it was bad marketing on our behalf to be so negative about somebody else’s product. I don’t know who it helped. Who did it benefit? I don’t know who it benefited.”

Whether it was true that Roddy Piper was hard to do business with and refused to do jobs:

“I think it’s a gross misconception. Roddy would do business, but he had to understand why we were doing a certain kind of business. I’ve heard stories where he wanted to put somebody over because he knew that down the road that would help them draw more money in the end. I don’t think Roddy had any major issues. He had major issues doing what he perceived as ridiculous creative, if it made no sense. Where will this take us? How does this advance our story. So he was a smart guy.”