Jimmy Fallon Mocks Hulk Hogan’s Comment About Covid-19 Vaccines

As PWMania.com previously reported, Hulk Hogan was under fire for a Facebook comment about Betty White and Sidney Poitier. The following was written from Hogan’s account in regards to speculation that Bob Saget died after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine:

“100% Betty and Sidney were also jabed their dropping like flies but they’ll never say it.”

During Tuesday’s edition of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon brought up the situation:

“Get this. Hulk Hogan’s under a lot of fire after he suggested that the COVID vaccine is to blame for the recent deaths of some of our biggest celebrities. As a result, Hulk Hogan has been named the Heavyweight Champion of Facebook. You’re laughing now but if Trump’s re-elected, he’s the new Dr. Fauci.”