Jimmy Uso On His New WWE SmackDown Role, News On The WWE 2K16 Roster, WWE – Tokyo Update

– As seen on Thursday’s WWE SmackDown, Jimmy Uso made his SmackDown announce team debut with Byron Saxton being away working on Tough Enough. In this Fallout video, Uso talks to JoJo about doing commentary while his brother Jey Uso is recovering. Uso says he’s going to be here all summer long with Tom Phillips and Jerry Lawler.

– F4Wonline.com notes that despite other reports, WWE’s July 4th “The Beast In The East” special from Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan is not sold out. Tickets are still available.

– We’ve noted how the upcoming WWE 2K16 video game will include the largest roster ever for a WWE game. The 2K developers posted the following on Instagram this week, noting that the game will have over 120 unique playable Superstars and Divas. They noted that the number does not include repeats like 5 John Cena models or 8 Mark Henry models.

  • ray


  • Jeff Dorego

    Largest roster ever doesn’t make a good game, I won’t be buying this game unless there are big changes made, 2K15 was a waste of money, a terrible re-hash of an old game with less features, less moves, less fun..

  • Laurence

    2k15 was a terrible game. Not because of the roster but the lack of create a move, no create a diva, that stupid wrestling chain game at the beginning of matches which was awful and the repetiveness of the OMGs.

    • theripperdannyb

      As much as I agree with you on this, I see it from their point of view. Imagine the ass whooping they would have got for taking the time to add all of those features in, the next gens were a build from the ground up, and they probably could of left those things in the old gen, but last thing you wanna do is make the last gen version better than the current. We can only hope they have fixed the majority of those issues going forwards.

  • ksedude

    Largest roster ever to me just says “largest amount of glitches ever”, considering the complete train-wreck that was 2K15. It was so bad that even 2K acknowledged that there were unresolved glitches that they wouldn’t be patching.