Jinder Mahal Comments On The Great Khali’s Return, Teases Match With John Cena

In an interview with IndianExpress.com, Jinder Mahal teased a match with John Cena. It’s been speculated that Mahal would be facing Cena at the Summerslam PPV. Here is what Mahal said:

“I put the ‘vipers’ legacy to rest. I beat a fourteen time World Champion three times in a row. Whose legacy am I going to put to rest – maybe John Cena. He has a legacy of his own, I would like love nothing more than to use his legacy as a stepping stone and cement my own legacy.”

Mahal commented on The Great Khali’s return to WWE:

“Not only on SmackDown live but also on the entire WWE, I run the show and call the shots. With the Great Khali behind me, I am truly unstoppable. I have a great relationship with Khali, he is like my older brother. As Indians, we stick together. He was the first person I contacted after announcing the Punjabi Prison Match. We are in contact all the time and he is one of my role models and I want to follow his footsteps. He has helped put India on the map of WWE and I hope he is happy with my performance at Battleground.”