Jinder Mahal On Being Disappointed With His WrestleMania 33 Role, First WWE Run

Jinder Mahal was recently a guest on Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia. Here are the highlights (transcript courtesy of Wrestling Inc):

On being disappointed in his role at WrestleMania 33:

“It was cool, definitely, but part of me, I’d be lying if I’d say it wasn’t disappointing in a way because I wanted to be on the main show. Actually, one of the things that I did in this last year is that I write down my goals. Every day I write down ‘Main Evented WrestleMania,’ along with writing, ’10-Time World Champion,’ I have all these goals. I write down what my net-worth is going to be, how many properties I’d like to own. Every day I write this down,” Mahal said. “One of my goals is main eventing WrestleMania. Right now, I write ’10-time World Champion.’ Before I became WWE Champion I used to write down ‘Become A Champion in WWE,’ because I was so low on the card, to even hold a championship in the WWE I would think that it would be so cool. I can be Intercontinental Champion, U.S Champion, but I should have written ‘Become a World Champion.’ I’m a firm believer that if you put it on paper and it reminds you to work hard every day, especially every day if you write down your goals.”

On his first WWE run:

“I knew that I had a good shot of coming back. I was on SmackDown TV when I was 24, I was released when I was 27 and came back at 29. A lot of people don’t get signed until they are my age right now, so I was fortunate enough to go through the experience, and the experience of making mistakes. Not only in-ring experience, but life experience now,” Mahal said. “That was one thing that I lacked because I literally went from College to the WWE, I didn’t have a real life, or any real life experience. I am very fortunate, and very lucky, but also I missed learning a lot of lessons. The mistakes people make in their day to day jobs I was making those mistakes in WWE. But, fortunately enough I was given a second opportunity.”