John Morrison and PJ Black To Reunite In AEW?

PJ Black (fka Justin Gabriel) says he’s interested in joining AEW, and may be doing so with former WWE Superstar John Morrison.

Black recently spoke with AJ Singh and said he’s reconsidering a possible role with AEW after stating two years ago that he wouldn’t work for the company. Black also revealed that John Morrison, who was cut from WWE a few months ago, really wants to sign with AEW.

“You know what? I actually reconsidered it [his decision to not join AEW] about three days ago and I was with my good friend, John Morrison and his 90 days is up very soon,” Black said. “So, I mean, we don’t really have any plans but we were in the ring, working on some stuff and you know, cutting some fun promos and see what we can come up with, and doing some movement exercises and that came up, because he really wants to do something there [in All Elite Wrestling] so I was like, I’ll be open to that if we do something together. I mean that’s also not set in stone, we.. you know, we might do something together, we might not, we might bring back ‘Worldwide Underground!’

“I mean, that will be freaking awesome since nobody owns the rights to those names! I mean that’s some fun stuff that we can do with that! But yeah, we don’t really have a plan but he did convince me to be open to that [to join AEW] and I was like okay.”

Morrison will become a free agent from WWE when his 90-day non-compete clause expires on February 16. Worldwide Underground is the stable that previously featured Morrison, Black, Jack Evans, Taya Valkyrie and Ricky Mandel, on the indies and in Lucha Underground.

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