John Morrison Completes Progress Wrestling’s Super Strong Style 16 Line-up

PROGRESS Wrestling issued the following press release:

The final entrant in PROGRESS Wrestling’s annual spectacular tournament Super Strong Style 16 has been named.

The man known to most as John Morrison will make his PROGRESS Wrestling debut at Super Strong Style 16 on the weekend of 3rd-5th June, at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, North London. He will take the appropriate epithet of Johnny PROGRESS.

After Super Strong Style 16, he may also be known as PROGRESS World Champion. The 16-man tournament will see the winner claim the vacant title, though they will have to win four matches in three days to emerge triumphant.

Johnny completes the 16-man line-up, joining an impressive array of talent, representing six different countries. Day one of the weekend, on Jubilee Bank Holiday Friday, will feature all eight first-round matches. The semi-finals will occur on Saturday, with the semi-finals and final on Sunday.

The full line-up, in alphabetical order, is:

Big Damo
Callum Newman
Charles Crowley
Charlie Dempsey
Chris Ridgeway
Dean Allmark
Gene Munny
Jack Evans
Kid Lykos
Rickey Shane Page
Robbie X
Warren Banks

The tournament brackets, including all the all-important first round matches, will be announced via PROGRESS Wrestling’s social media accounts over the weekend of 28th and 29th May.

As well as the fascinating tournament, the weekend will feature many more of PROGRESS Wrestling’s amazing roster. Saturday will see the grudge between Cara Noir and Spike Trivet settled, as the pair compete in an I Quit match, with the loser leaving PROGRESS. Also on Day Two, tag team champions The 0121 will meet The Smokin’ Aces and Sunshine Machine in an extraordinary triple ladder match.

On Sunday, PROGRESS Women’s champion Gisele Shaw will defend against former champ Kanji in a two-of-of-three falls match. Also in action will be Atlas champion Luke Jacobs, who will take on Axel Tischer.

All these matches, plus plenty of others, make this an unmissable series of events.

Tickets for the shows are available from Fans can purchase a ticket for any individual day, or for the whole weekend.