Jon Moxley Addresses His Future As A Wrestler

During his wife Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Jon Moxley talked about his future as a wrestler now that he is going to be a father:

“I can feel my physical window. Not that it’s closing, but I can feel the distance now. I’m not gonna say I can feel it closing but I’m aware of it now and I wanna keep it open and extend and I wanna be able to wrestle as long as I possibly can. I would like to be 50 and wrestle. If we had kids, I would like them to be able and come see me wrestle and I like to do physical stuff. So, over the next year or two, I’ll make a — I’ll just kind of see where I’m at physically and make a decision. This whole pandemic situation really changed the year and made it a lot less busy for me.”

“But also, I’ve been having super physical matches and [I’ve] been going back and forth to Jacksonville which is a bitch. Jacksonville’s a great town, Daily’s Place is a great venue, it’s perfect for what we’re doing and I’m glad that we have it. It’s a blessing that we have such a great venue to run safely in, but getting to Jacksonville to Vegas and back and back and forth is a bitch. Like the west coast guys are like, ‘Aw man, this is a bitch’ because it’s a full day of travel.”

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