Jon Moxley Reveals Danny Havoc Created His Original Character Design, Issue Statement On His Death

AEW world champion Jon Moxley issued a short statement on Twitter this morning commenting on the death of CZW/GCW deathmatch wrestler Grant Berkland (aka Danny Havoc). Moxley revealed that Berkland drew up some original character designs for the Jon Moxley character, then goes on to call him a fearless individual whom he will miss greatly.

“Goddamnit am I gonna miss you Grant…I didn’t cry all night you did FU…fyi : Danny Havoc was not just a fearless and creative performer but also a talented artist and graphic designer. In fact I asked him to design the first AEW Mox shirt, he created the grenade design.”

Mox also shared a few pieces of Havoc’s work. Check out both tweets below.