Jon Moxley Reveals How Long He Plans To Keep Wrestling

During an appearance on the Reel Talkers podcast, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley talked about how long he plans to keep wrestling:

“Yeah, it’s definitely. I’ve become great friends with Tony Khan, who is a great dude and the most successful promoter outside of Vince in how many years. We’ve been able to create something as a team and to get through the challenge of this pandemic. I’m incredibly proud of everybody [in AEW].”

“I’d like to wrestle till I’m in my 50’s, hopefully. Whatever that means? I don’t know. AEW in the United States, will definitely always be my home, I think. It’s just done so much for me and I’ve done everything I could to help build the brand and solidify it as a legit alternative and it’s vital to the wrestling industry that AEW be successful. I don’t see that changing ever. I have loyalty to the people who treat me well and they have treated me extremely well.”