Jon Moxley Reveals Idea That He Pitched For WWE Hell In A Cell

In an interview with, Jon Moxley talked about pitching an idea for his 2014 Hell in a Cell match against Seth Rollins but was turned down by Vince McMahon and Triple H:

“I’ve pitched so many things over the years, everything imaginable, I have pitched. Something simple like tearing the canvas and exposing the boards. I pitched that for a Hell In A Cell match, and like Hunter and Vince and Seth. I take a box cutter and expose the wood, and they look at me like I’m f–king stupid. They don’t get it all, Vince is like ‘I don’t think people are going to understand it.’ They looked at me like I was an idiot. Hunter was rolling his eyes, Vince is confused.”

As it turns out, WWE ended up doing the spot years later for Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano in NXT.

Moxley also commented on his upcoming exploding barbed wire match at the AEW Revolution PPV:

“I made it clear to Tony [Khan], don’t put me in these situations, unless you want me to go full on, full tilt. Be careful what you wish for, because I’m not in the business of undelivering promises to people these days.”

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