Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen Win NXT UK Tag Team Titles, Ashton Smith Injured

The new NXT UK Tag Team Champions are Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen.

As previously reported, during the June 2 episode of NXT UK, Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter defeated Moustache Mountain to win the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. On today’s NXT UK episode, Carter and Smith were scheduled to defend their belts against Briggs and Jensen, however it was later revealed that Smith would not be able to do so because of an injury he sustained while winning the title over Moustache Mountain.

The championships were subsequently proclaimed vacant, and it was revealed that a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match would determine the new champions. In that match, Teoman and Rohan Raja of Die Familie, Dave Mastiff and Jack Starz, and Mark Andrews and Wild Boar were defeated by Brooks and Jensen.

Raja then eliminated Mastiff after Starz had eliminated Andrews. When Raja was struck with Brooks and Jensen’s double team finisher, they won the match and the titles.

After the match, Fallon Henley joined Briggs and Jensen in the ring for a celebration as NXT UK came to an end.

Regarding Smith’s injury, he ruptured his MCL during the championship win that was shown on June 2 but was actually taped on April 21. On this week’s NXT UK episode, he entered the ring with a brace over his right knee.

This week’s NXT UK featured Henley, Jensen, and Briggs, as well as Sarray, who defeated Nina Samuels. The title change was filmed in London on Wednesday of this week. It is unknown at this time how frequently Briggs and Jensen will defend in the UK or whether they plan to carry the straps to NXT 2.0.

For Briggs and Jensen, this is their first title reign in the WWE. On the NXT UK episode from June 2, Smith and Carter defeated Moustache Mountain to win the belts, which they held for 20 recognized days.

Here are highlights of today’s title change, along with the post-show video of Briggs, Jensen and Henley:

Win NXT UK Tag Team Titles