Josh Mathews Talks About Being Offered Announcing Job For Lucha Underground, Slammiversary

Impact Wrestling announcer Josh Mathews recently spoke with to promote the upcoming Slammiversary pay-per-view event on July 2nd in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. Here are the highlights.

On Lucha Underground Talents Working Slammiversary:

“I think there’s some changes that have been made at Lucha, I don’t know what those changes are, but I think it opens up their contracts a little bit,” Matthews said. “Obviously it did, because it allowed those guys to come over and compete at Slammiversary. It’s cool and it’s good for everybody. I remember when Lucha was starting and here I was, ready to go to Nashville and sign my contract with Impact. Lucha Underground approached me with doing their shows and their first episodes. I flew out to Los Angeles and I saw the thing and I was blown away, but their contracts were pretty iron-clad and I wasn’t ready to sign that deal.”

On Being offered The Lucha Underground Play by Play Job And Why He Didn’t Take The Job:

“Yeah it was [a seven-season type of deal] and I was in L.A. doing Undercover Boss, a lot of people don’t know I did work on that show for a couple of seasons,” Matthews said. “We were shooting an episode of Undercover Boss in L.A. and Lucha Underground called me and said, ‘Our play-by-play announcer can’t get into the states. He’s in Mexico and can’t get into the shows tomorrow. Could you please do it?’ I couldn’t do it. It didn’t work out. They flew Matt Striker from the East Coast, but it came very close. I was in the same zip code as they were in.”