JR Blog: Booker T Update, Cena-Punk, Evolution Of Morrison

Jim Ross is back with another blog update on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

– The issue that started tonight between John Cena and C.M. Punk has my curiosity. I think that these two will have some stellar bouts when they finally wrestle. Punk is very hungry to re-establish himself as a dominate, singles performer. Punk and Cena can also carry the verbal load of this main event level issue.

– The evolution of John Morrison continues. As many have pointed out over time and of which I agree, John has some young HBK tendencies/mannerisms but his biggest step, in this fan’s eye, is recently demonstrating more physical toughness in the ring. It reminds of when HBK added another layer to his body of work many years ago on PPV against Mick Foley aka Mankind in what was essentially a physical war. Some ‘experts’ on Twitter feel that Morrison’s verbal skills are an issue but I don’t.

– It seemed to me that Booker T was in excellent shape when we spoke on Sunday afternoon in Houston. That statement will likely fuel ample speculation and I’m not saying that Booker wants to or ever will step back in the ring but, as always, one never says never in this biz. With two beautiful twin children just coming into this world, I don’t ever see Booker T going back on the road full time. Nonetheless it was great seeing him and his lovely wife Sharmell. Ol Book did quite well in the wife department, much like yours truly, as he ‘out punted his coverage.’