JR Blog: Tonight’s Raw, Talent Left Off WrestleMania Card, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are the highlights:

-The All State Arena in Rosemont,Illinois will be the place to be Monday night. Tickets have been sold out for MNR there for a good while and apparently scalpers are having a field day. It’s a loaded show as one would expect and being that its the last MNR before WM27 it should be loaded. I’m sitting my DVR to go about 30 minutes longer than normal just in case. I don’t expect to see a Raw, trend change whereby we see that much in ring wrestling but I do expect to hear plenty of verbiage from a variety of stars all leading to the Georgia Dome.

-Having @TheRock on the show live will be fun and I’m anxious to see how Rock interacts with Miz and Cena. For those that don’t think that the Rock can hold his own verbalizing OR getting physical in the ring, dream on. The Undertaker and HHH will apparently go face to face which we know can be compelling if they don’t even say one word to the other. I hope that this match is the show closer at WM27.

-Wrestlemania is a complex time for many talents. Some fret about either not being on the card or being thrown a bone to simply make an appearance ala a battle royal, etc. That’s never been my personal philosophy. Being booked on Wrestlemania is an earned honor, a privilege, and not a performer’s right. Then there are those who are booked and who are not in what one would perceive as ‘high profile bouts.’ My suggest is to go out, maximize ones minutes, and do everything possible to turn heads and steal a small aspect of the show.