JR On Lesnar’s Fight, Michael Cole, His Status, Bragging Rights, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official wbeiste. Below are the highlights:

– D— right Brock Lesnar will be tested Saturday night in Anaheim during the next UFC PPV. Cain Velasquez is fighting for a cause,or so it seems, his heritage, but more importantly Velásquez is a great athlete who has won at every level of amateur and professional competition. Plus, any heavyweight in UFC is always only one punch away from ending his night’s work. I see Lesnar winning Saturday but not without having a great night of stand up defense and using his size advantage appropriately. Lesnar being already at 265 and shredded is a scary thought for any human being who has to deal with the baddest man in MMA.

– Michael Cole does not deserve to be piled on like many are doing. Michael is fulfilling a role on a fictional, TV show. He has been ‘cast’ to play this role as best as he can. For those that have never sat in that particular seat, let me assure you that it isn’t easy. Cole’s new persona must be working because never before have so many fans, for better or for worse, commented on Cole’s work.

– The WWE isn’t planning on any WWE On Demand tributes to Mid South Wrestling because WWE doesn’t own the footage of Mid South and that’s not because WWE hasn’t tried. If you are interested in seeing Mid South content or UWF content then check out www.universalwrestling.com. I hear that their young, emotional PXP guy wasn’t too bad. :)

– How many times do I have to reiterate that I am NOT retired? I still work for WWE. Hitting the road 51 weeks a year plus fulfilling the other commitments required of me would be a daunting challenge. Of course I miss the adrenaline rush of broadcasting a live, TV show but not so much that I want to commence traveling every week. I am and always will be a team player and have no issue packing a bag if I were ever to be called upon, which I don’t expect to happen BTW. It seems as if some visitors to this site or who follow us on Twitter are oblivious to this matter and are perplexed as to my job description. I’m not perplexed and nor should you be. I’m grateful to be in the business that I love and more importantly to be healthy.

– I’m heading to Columbia, Missouri via Kansas City this Friday to attend the showdown between Big 12 unbeatens Oklahoma and Missouri. Then, on Sunday morning, I’m flying from KC to Minneapolis to attend WWE’s Bragging Rights PPV and provide what help that I can prior to the show going on the air. Once the PPV starts I will enjoy it from the arena/locker room area as a fan. I plan on watching it with Joey Styles and company. It’s always good to see my many, old friends at these WWE PPV events. As usual, the King and I will meet up on Sunday and ride to the arena together just like old times. Some things never change and for that I am thankful.

– Naomi is so much better than her opposition on NXT, in my opinion, that it’s not even close from an athletic stand point. I’m not saying that the other Divas might not make it in time but Naomi has the athleticism to be a big time player in the years to come. If Naomi isn’t a future Divas Champion then I don’t know BBQ Sauce and we sell the best Sauce in the world.