JR On MVP’s Release, Helms’ Verbal Attack On HBK & More

– Jim Ross posted his latest blog here. Check out the highlights:

MVP’s Release: “MVP requested his WWE release to explore other options as I understand it. I personally like MVP and have always enjoyed our relationship. He’s a talented guy who has endured and overcome some major league challenges in his life. MVP’s life might make for a good movie as a matter of fact. I always preferred the antagonist MVP better than the fan favorite MVP but that’s merely a personal preference. The guy is a survivor and he will perceiver and be just fine. Being off the road during the holidays isn’t a bad thing and it gives him time to assess what he wants to do. We had some particularly fun conversations when Oklahoma had their home and home college football series with MVP’s fav team, ‘The U.’ ”

Helms’ Verbal Attack On Shawn Michaels: “I’m not getting involved in that matter nor am I commenting on it. You would be amazed at how many people have asked me my thoughts on this subject of which I have none.”

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston: “Saw a short clip of Kofi-Swagger from Smackdown Friday Night. These two hungry, athletic young men have chemistry without question. Next to Lawler’s show stealing performance with Miz last Monday on Raw, IMO, once again, Swagger-Kofi was the best WWE, TV match on the air last week.”