JR On Working As A Referee On Tuesday, Rumble Winner Pick, More

Jim Ross wrote the following about working as a referee in the dark match main event at Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He also gave his favorite to win the Royal Rumble. Below are the highlights:

I found out about the need for me to be in Tulsa EARLY Tuesday morning as I had not planned on making the 200 mile round trip after just getting home from a 6 day road trip. A Twitter follower inferred that she thought that I likely wanted to be on the show because of what she read in a Vince Russo book where he ‘suggested’ that I ‘yearned’ for the spotlight.

That theory is laughable. I’ve been involved in many TV scenarios because that was what I was instructed to do and, as I have said many times, one is either a team player or one isn’t. Those particular plays were called and I ran them. Simple as that.

Did I like personally being involved in the storyline process? Not really but I liked cashing the checks that came along with them so one does one’s job and calls it a day.

Some of my in ring experiences were memorable especially in the early going but then they seemed to happen more frequently which made them less special. I probably ended up doing more in ring physicality storylines with more top stars than any full time broadcaster in the history of the business.

Refereeing a bout in Tulsa this past Tuesday brought back some great memories as my first ever officiating experience in a pro wrestling ring was a 10 minute draw contested between Mike George and Treach Phillips at the Tulsa Civic Center in 1974.

Nonetheless I enjoyed seeing many of the WWE folks Tuesday in Tulsa and was happy to have the opportunity to attend the event with something tangible to do. Just hanging around and loitering in catering isn’t my idea of a productive day.

An emailer asked who I thought would win the Royal Rumble match. I have no idea but if I had to go with a handful of picks John Cena would head the list of potential winners. I’m also interested on who either lasts a longer time than most expected and who might get on a roll and eliminate double digit competitors.