Judge Denies Motion to Shorten Pre-Trial Schedule Between MLW and WWE

MLW launched an anti-trust lawsuit against WWE in January, alleging that it interfered with possible streaming/television arrangements with Tubi and Vice TV.

Last month, MLW submitted a motion to The United States District Court, Northern District of California, asking that the Initial Case Management Conference between the parties be shortened and moved forward to September 29th.

MLW mentioned that the court had scheduled a case management conference between them, but that it had been pushed back to October. In their motion, MLW said that they cannot start the discovery process until the case management conference is concluded and asked WWE to hold a conference. WWE refused, citing a September 29th decision on whether the court will grant WWE’s move to dismiss the lawsuit.

Because they would suffer significant loss and prejudice without the court’s action, MLW had asked the court to move the conference to September 29. As the court is scheduled to hear an¬†oral argument on WWE’s motion to dismiss, MLW also argued that shifting the conference ahead a month “would promote judicial efficiency and enable the parties to proceed with discovery more expeditiously.”

WWE countered the movement. Judge Edward J. Davila rejected MLW’s motion on July 7th, according to court records that PWinsider acquired.