Kane Responds To Congressman Who Commented On Wrestling

Veteran WWE Superstar Kane, known in politics as the Republican Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee, took to Twitter this afternoon to respond to Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan, who mentioned pro wrestling in a tweet earlier this week.

As noted before, Ryan received backlash from pro wrestlers and their fans on Tuesday night after he made a tweet about how he walked out of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address, noting that it was “like watching professional wrestling” because “it’s all fake.”

“I just walked out of the #StateOfTheUnion. I’ve had enough. It’s like watching professional wrestling. It’s all fake,” Ryan wrote of Trump’s SOTU.

The Big Red Mayor took to Twitter today and defended the business but did not mention Trump, who is also a member of the Celebrity Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame.

“Sir, your statement is emblematic of the out-of-touch elitism, so typical of Washington, that has alienated countless everyday Americans. Professional wrestling brings joy to millions around the world. Politicans like yourself usually bring nothing but misery,” Kane wrote.

You can see Kane’s full tweet below, along with some of the other comments from wrestlers: