Karl Anderson Talks About The Possibility of an Extended Singles Run and The Bullet Club

Karl Anderson recently spoke with Sports Illustrated in an interview covering all things pro wrestling. Here are the highlights:

The longevity of the Bullet Club:

“Each time somebody has talked s**t about Bullet Club or started to say Bullet Club is dead, or there’s too many members, something else cool happens. It just remains hot. If you look at the totality of wrestling, there’s a bunch of great factions. I look at it this way—I grew up on the Four Horsemen. I love the Four Horsemen. There’s the Four Horsemen, the NWO, Degeneration X and the Bullet Club. Of course, there are other great factions, and I’m not slighting anybody. But look at all the guys that have gone through the Bullet Club, where they are now, and how they still show their Bullet Club roots in AEW, WWE and Impact. Bullet Club has been reinvigorated again in New Japan Pro-Wrestling with Jay White, who’s turning into a massive star. Now he’ll always be attached to the Bullet Club. [Kevin] Nash and [Scott] Hall passing on the Too Sweet to us, that completely legitimized us. Then Shawn Michaels and Triple H throwing up The Kliq sign to us in the Manhattan Center on Monday Night Raw [in 2018], that was another big moment. That’s all because of what we did in Japan. It’s pretty crazy to think back to 2013. There’s no way we could imagine where this was going to go.”

The possibility of an extended singles run:

“People look at us primarily Anderson and Gallows, or Gallows and Anderson, and I love tag-team wrestling, but I do want a singles run. I came into my own during the G1 in 2011 when I started learning from Tanahashi and Shinsuke [Nakamura]. I wanted to build the types of matches they were creating, and then I started to do that. I absolutely want an extended singles run in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. I was pushing for one in Impact, but the timing just didn’t work out. I love singles matches. It’s a different way to show people what I can do. I f**king love it.”