Karrion Kross Promises Interesting Things When Working With Rey Mysterio

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Karrion Kross is “over the moon” to be working with Rey Mysterio.

The WWE Superstar recently spoke about working with the masked wrestling legend during a sit-down interview with DJ Peter Rosenberg.

Featured below is an excerpt from the discussion where he talks about working with the future WWE Hall of Fame legend.

“Over the moon,” Kross replied when asked how excited he was to work with Rey. “There were like three luchadors that I had on my list, four, actually, for many years. I spent half of my career in Mexico. I was in AAA working major cities and television programs. I’m a very big lucha libre fan, I understand it and speak the language. (The list) was Dr. Wagner, Pentagon, Fenix, and Rey. Getting Rey, checking that name off the list after all these years had been very difficult and it seems like it’s going to happen right now. I remember the first I saw Rey, it was against Juvi [Juventud Guerrera] in ECW, I want to say 96. The powerbomb on the car on the outside. It was unbelievable, it was like hardcore lucha libre. I’m very excited about this and I’m getting ready to give people something unique and interesting to Rey’s total overall story arc that they haven’t seen yet before. I’m going to get into some really interesting things, if permitted to, and I think I will be. We’re collaboratively and creatively ready to embrace that process. So far, since I’m gone back, I’ve been very happy.”

Check out the complete Karrion Kross interview below. H/T to Fightful.com for transcribing the above quotes.