Kayla Rossi Reportedly Turns Down AEW Contract

Kayla Rossi reportedly turned down a contract from AEW.

Rossi, a pro bodybuilder and fitness trainer, made her debut back in the summer of 2021 as the bodyguard of Joey Janela. While she never wrestled a match, she did get physical at ringside and deliver impressive moves to some of Janela’s opponents.

In an update, it was recently confirmed that Janela finished up with AEW on May 1 when his contract expired, but Fightful Select reports that Rossi had been done with the company for a while when Janela’s contract expired. She had already been removed from TV in the role with Janela.

Rossi never signed a deal with AEW, but sources there indicate that she was offered a trainee contact at one point. Rossi ended up turning the contract down, which led to the two sides parting ways.

It looks like Rossi is at least considering a further career in pro wrestling as she’s open to accepting indie dates from promoters.

There’s been no talk of bad blood between Rossi and AEW.

Stay tuned for more. You can see a few recent Instagram posts from Rossi below: