Ken Anderson Speaks On Leaving WWE, TNA vs. WWE

In an interview with Alex Marvez of, TNA star Ken Anderson talked about leaving WWE, saying that his bitterness toward WWE and “certain people there” ran so deep that he “wasn’t able to even look at it on TV for the longest time.”

Despite the sour ending, Anderson looks back on his time in WWE fondly. “I’m very happy to have put in my time there.” said Anderson. “I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my life without that company. I have a lot of really amazing memories. I met some great people I still keep in contact with. Yeah, the last two years didn’t go the way I had planned. But I’m not going to whine about it. I’m going to move forward and try to turn the negatives into a positive.”

Anderson, who starred in the WWE Studios film Behind Enemy Lines 3 and plans to continue acting, still loves wrestling and looks forward to raising the profile of TNA Wrestling.

“I want to help TNA,” he said. “I know we’re a significant underdog in this whole picture. I don’t expect to be competing right now on the same level as a company that’s been around for 50, 60 years. But if we can take some of those (television) ratings points away from (WWE), that would be a great thing.”