Kendra Lust Talks More About Rumored John Cena Affair, Says She Is Open To A Relationship

As previously reported, there were rumors spreading online that John Cena cheated on his ex-wife Liz with adult film star Kendra Lust for a year while they were married. Kendra has denied the rumor and denied it again during an appearance on Wrestling Soup.

During the interview, Kendra reveals that she first heard about the rumor after a handful of people started sending her tweets. Kendra said that she isn’t the type of person that would disrespect marriages, and that she in no way slept with Cena. Kendra also made it clear that no WWE representatives have contacted her in reference to shutting down her Twitter account because of the “scandal.”

While Kendra said she has never met John Cena in person. She would have a sexual relationship with Cena if he were to pursue her, but but wants these rumors to end as soon as possible.

You can download and listen to a portion of the interview by clicking here.