Kevin Nash Calls Will Ospreay An ‘Indie-rific Guy’ For Taking A Shot At Triple H

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash discussed Will Ospreay taking a shot at Triple H on AEW Dynamite and what he believes could happen if Ospreay were to work for WWE in the future, if he so desired, on the most recent episode of the “Kliq This” podcast.

“If you got the balls to fu**ing take a shot at the fu**ing boss’s wife and then you got you got the balls to fu**ing show up and ask for a fu**ing job, he better fu**ing be able to have the balls to take whatever he’s gonna dish.”

Nash continued, “Everything’s a work. Is he an exceptional talent for that style? Absolutely. Is there a place for him in this fu**ing business for Will? Absolutely. Paul didn’t mention him by name, therefore there’s no reason to get ass hurt. It shows why he’s an indie-rific guy. It shows why he didn’t make the move. He’s not smart to the business. Jade was. Jade was smart. Look at Jade.”

On why it was a good idea not to have blood in the Cody Rhodes – Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania XL:

“I look at it in retrospect and every photograph you have of him going over is a crimson mask. (if Cody bled). Every image you have of the night he won is going to look like he was in a car wreck, so you can’t get any usage out of any of that. When you think back at from a standpoint of marketing, merchandising, and everything else, I mean, it’s pretty hard to get national coverage of Cody going over and him getting his hand raised if he’s bleeding down to his fu**ing boots.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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