Kevin Nash Hints At His Future TNA Plans

There’s been a lot of recent reports and discussion surrounding Kevin Nash’s future with TNA since his contract is set to expire in a couple of weeks. Additionally, Nash posted some very straight-forward comments on his official Twitter account that gave some reason to believe he would not be signing an extension and would be done with the company after Bound for Glory.

However, today he followed up on the situation by posting (in response to a fan asking when he was going to call HHH and beg WWE for a job) the following: “Just had a great conversation with Terry Taylor. I would not or ever will beg for food to feed my family – too many guns to beg.”

This doesn’t confirm or deny that he has signed a new contract with TNA, but does seem to imply that negotiations have at least began between Nash and TNA management. We plan on following up with more details soon as they become available.