Kevin Owens Reacts to Podcaster That Referred to Him as a “Lazy, Fat Sack of Sh*t”

Regarding Kevin Owens’ attack on Ezekiel during the August 8, 2022 episode of WWE RAW, podcaster @ItsBradShepard tweeted the following.

“What a disgrace it is to see lazy, fat sack of sh*t Kevin Owens being presented like he’s f*cking Goldberg on #WWERaw because he’s Paul’s boy. He looks like a prize eater, not a prize fighter.”

Owens was tagged in the tweet by a fan, who reacted to Shepard with, “Way to body shame someone. You should say that directly to @FightOwensFight to his face and see what happens.”

Owens responded the following, “He can’t. I blocked that little bitch a long time ago. He never got over it. That’s why he does this. If he met me in person, he’d kiss my ass and call me ‘brother’ to try and feel like he’s one of the boys. There’s a hundred like him out there.”