Killer Kross Speaks Out About Impact Wrestling Issues

On the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Killer Kross spoke out about his status with Impact Wrestling:

“I will humbly say that I barely even existed to the pro wrestling world — or the industry — prior to IMPACT Wrestling. I’ve never asked, in my opinion, for anything that I didn’t think that I deserved. I didn’t think that I would be asking for anything I couldn’t contribute back. I was led to believe that it was not available.”

Adding, “If you get to a job and you are told that something you’re looking for is not available and then you come to find out six months later that that’s not true, it has been available and other people have it … you can imagine that you’d be a little disparaged.”

“I personally really don’t really need much,” he continued. “But it’s just different when you have people to take care of, circumstances change in life. You can’t anticipate it.”

“Being told to go get another job by your job, that’s f*cked up. You’re struggling to make ends meet taking care of people, and the job that you can barely afford to have tells you to go get another job so you can keep that job. It’s like working at a corporation being told to go work at McDonald’s. It’s a weird feeling,” Kross admitted.

“Speaking between the lines, I found out how much people are being paid and I wanted to be paid on the same scale as that. I wasn’t asking for anything that was honestly unreasonable. In all sincerity. And I’m not gonna bullsh*t you guys. I really wasn’t. That’s ok if the company does not agree that I am worth that. I will not take offense to that. That’s ok. It’s not my company. I’m just an employee. And I’m not saying that because I think I’m supposed to say that. But if they really feel that way after one year, if they feel that I’m not worth what I’m asking … professionally, kindfully, please … let me go somewhere else and I will prove it to everyone that I can draw what I’m asking for.”