Killer Kross Speaks Out On Growing Out His Hair, Being In An Upcoming Movie

Former WWE/Impact star Killer Kross recently appeared on “Wrassle Rap” to discuss his upcoming film and more. Here are some highlights:

Growing out his hair:

“I’m doing a movie this year, and for the character, they asked, ‘Can you grow your hair out?’, and I said, ‘Absolutely.’ They said we need you to grow it as long as possible and we will assess from there. I was like, perfect. I’ve been dying to have an opportunity or a reason to grow my hair out. I wanted to, but I’ve been very committed to the presentation of that character (Killer Kross), and I was buzzing and shaving it forever.”

Additional details on the movie:

“I’m playing a very lonely, underground fighter who has a very dark and sad history, and he’s living in a very, very bad town, in a very bad area, with a lot of bad things going on.”

“I don’t think I can say too much more than that, but I’m very excited to do it. I’m really, really pumped. It’s going to be very violent and there’s going to be aspects of very dark humor in this film.”