King Corbin Mocks Deontay Wilder

King Baron Corbin took to Twitter Friday evening and commented on his Steel Cage match loss to Roman Reigns at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

It looks like Corbin was mocking boxer Deontay Wilder, who lost the WBC World Heavyweight Title to Tyson Fury last weekend. Wilder blamed the loss on alleged fatigue he suffered from wearing his heavy pre-match costume to the ring, which he said was a tribute to Black History Month.

“I’m never gonna take anything away with from Roman Reign’s preparation for a main event steel cage match. I was prepared … but I didn’t think of the toll my entrance gear (the chainmail, my robe) and entrance would take on my body. Three min in my legs were tired,” Corbin wrote.

You can see Corbin’s full tweet below: