Konnan Addresses Controversial Chant Used By Cody Rhodes

During his recent podcast, Konnan addressed the heat that Cody Rhodes got for participating in a “Puto” chant during a recent AAA event. The chant, which has generated some controversy in the mainstream media for being homophobic, led to AEW issuing an apology to the website Outsports.com:

“Cody joined his teammates at AAA TripleMania for what he understood to be their post-match tradition in Mexico and was unaware of any negative connotations. Certainly the last thing Cody would want to do is to hurt or offend anyone, anywhere.”

Here is what Konnan said about the chant:

“There was like three ‘puto” chants in New York,” Konnan said in reference to the Invading NY event. “Here’s the thing, in Mexico, there’s this big thing because when the other team, and I know you watch a lot of soccer, when the other team – they’ll start calling them, the Mexican fans we’ll go ‘heey puto!’ right? Which basically does mean gay but it’s like anything else it’s the context. So if you’re saying ‘hey man, I hate all gay guys because I can’t stand whatever,’ that’s one thing but another thing is ‘wow, that looks so gay’ which is – and they get offended when you say that.”

“So the puto chant they’re not really telling the gay ‘hey, we think you’re gay and we’re homophobes and all that, it’s just the fans having fun right? And they’ve actually had – listen to this, I don’t even know how you can enforce this – that they’re gonna fine the Mexican Federation so much amount of money every time that the fans chant ‘puto.’ So they’ll have announcements before the show ‘hey, don’t chant puto at the other people because it makes our country look bad and it’s homophobic and all this and the people still chant it.”